Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday the 13th

oh happy day
i finally reset my password
and can get back in here

i'm officially retired now
just not sure i have many words
left in me

we'll see

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy Birthday BS

happy birthday to my daughter's passion
a website/forum started on new years eve
over a decade ago

she recently joined forces
with another group
and relaunched on Dec 2
a full moon

tonight is the original beginning
a new year
a blue moon

a party with a ball dropping in new york
and fireworks

happy birthday bs

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

metallic shimmers whisper opus

restless sleep
the moon beckoned

pulled on shirt
and trousers
socks and shoes

gathered the limp
faded hoodie from the hook

headed downstairs
aware of seemingly day lit rooms
powdered by moon beams

brisk but oh so clear
dramatic moon light shadows
played with each other on the lawn

and the rock
the rock streaked with mica (i think)
shimmered with
"rock splashing in pond" ripples

opus opus opus
cried the full
but blasted moon

Monday, November 3, 2008

magical kingdom

i live on a scented floor
13 blooming brugs grace the hall
enchantment after the frost

lugged in for the winter
blooming their hearts out
space filled with
brugs blooming brugs

great trumpet shaped flowers
thick rich scent
it's magic to move
amongst them

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Opus/Cinderella Someday you'll wake up,please

ok i've kept my promise to myself
and have not read the Opus comic strip
the last few weeks

this morning my daughter
beamed up
the humane society page
and there was my bud
tucked into bed
fast asleep
in Good Night Moon

my heart screams out
no not forever

i believe in fairy tales
cinderella awakens
so will you
oh, so will you
we just have to give it time

and in the meantime
the us army has put out a report
of internet groups that
pose a threat to the country

right up there
with communists
are vegetarians

Opus where must
the likes of you
have fallen on this list?

best to sleep a spell
give your creator and his family
a break from your unruly ways

tears roll
will all slightly leftest voices be silenced?

i only hope
one day
your prince returns
bb finds your voice again.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Rock Island Asenal Requests Deluxe Habitat Home

get this
there is a task force
here in the community
that is trying to strum up funds
to build 2 half million dollar
homes for a 3 star general and his next in line
that are moving here from georgia

oh we are such a giving community
bring on the floor boards and insulation

why are we even considering
this selfless act of great humanitarian fluff?
because in alabama they did it
actually built 5 homes
and got tons of new business

were they tied at all to government contracts?
just wondering
at what point
does humanitarian become bribe?

sounds a bit bullshevik
to me

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Syria bombed

i find it hard
to flit about the house
to go on
like things are normal

i'm part of this
i'm a citizen
my tax dollars
deployed these missiles
my silent voice
gives them the go ahead

i don't want to be
part of this world
if this is the message
i'm part of

Syria, i'm so sorry
about the brutal
bloodshed and terror

is this an american mission
is this a christian mission
i deplore them

i'm not an Allah kind of girl
i just believe in "that which is"
no name, no description
no masses willing to do battle with
anothers interpretation
of "that which is"

we're all in this together
when are we going to start
behaving such

or is the cosmic rhythm
self destruction
unification of the ultimate godhead

in the meantime
i'm kinda tired
of being in the camp
with the world bully

but i can't afford to head elsewhere

so all i can do is ask
for being part of this madness