Saturday, August 4, 2007

heart happy laughs

julia blackhawk left the earth via the 35w bridge...with her she took her beautiful her parents described such...and when she laughed it made your heart happy

i find it rare that folks point out such a characteristic when paying tribute to a lost loved one via media...also find it heartwarming

and so i reflect on a unique laugh

my own daughter has a distinctive abrasive abruptness that storms forth like rushing water then bounces wildly off stones in a meandering creek

it got her in trouble in oral report by a friend with the words "the aliens have landed" conjured up visions of spacemen... peals of brook babbling laughter that no damn could contain sent her for a stint in the hall...but the laugh continued and was fortified by the hallows of the empty space...the laugh flooded many classrooms that day

to the folks of julia.... i am so sorry you lost a daughter...i am so grateful you recognized the loss of a laugh