Friday, August 3, 2007


ok, start with something light

how about the war....the one where we don't belong....the one that is totally on Cheney and the other oil seeking morons heads....i don't recall the folks asking us to place undo havoc on their homeland...but who's to say maybe there was a secret invite

you know why isn't there a higher court out there to hold us accountable for war crimes....haven't we pulled enough crap yet to have someone hanging......not bush...he's just the cute puppet...should have stuck to his love of baseball...but that almighty dick...shouldn't the gallows be ready for him yet

or maybe we should all hang cause we don't care enough to say stop cannot treat fellow human beings this way...shoot i personally wouldn't subject the fly on the ceiling to such....but i haven't been vocal enough to stop the war

i know from watching movies what a war cry is......what is an antiwar it it peace

can't be if it continues

and so i offer necter
in the form of tithonia to the monarchs heading south...doesn't silence the guns but gets them one day closer home