Tuesday, November 13, 2007

not so, hi again

of course he was in the directory
just looked him up and there appeared the contact address
but how to begin the e-mail
say, do you still have the cast iron skillet that was perfect for making pineapple upside down cake which i inadvertently left behind?
how about..... i got a new job and actually travel around to distant cities on occasion. maybe, someday i'll be in your neighborhood. (ahh, but would i really want to see him?)
or just....recently certain names; Little Grassy, Crab Orchard and Shawnee National Forest cropped up in conversation like old familiar friends and made me think of you (but is contact necessary.....maybe just leave it with thoughts of you that went no further)
hard telling where his head is these days
maybe i really don't want to know

i just want it out there that passing thoughts of you
hit me in waves this past week
and i guess after seventeen years
you are entitled to the cake pan