Friday, January 25, 2008

pot, heck, we can't blow any smoke

he sold seeds in a country where pot was no biggy
but also flagrantly sold them to south of the border customers where it was illegal....
if it were child porn or guns i would be concerned and say it serves you so.
but pot seeds come on
let's get our heads out of that dark recess and think a moment.

nope not even going to try to make an argument for him
this is after all the us of a where we can no longer tote a satisfying cig in a public place indoors
or at least not here in illinois
i think we've turned into something with way to many laws
i'm not a smoker and i'm pathetically straight
no pot seed usage here
though i think they could become very ornamental plants
in the garden

i still strongly believe in live and let live
as long as you're not killing your neighbors......
ok so some would argue cig smoke does kill
nah, let's face it....
the no smoking laws are being dictated by insurance companies
it's not in their best interest to have us dying off slowly
they're more into the kick and go form of death
less payouts
yeah, tuck us into those cute new 2 seater benz's
put us on the highway with the semis and suvs
far cheaper way to trim the masses

but i digress
marc emery minus 40 percent of body weight
still does not deserve pen time based on our idea of justice
but we'll continue to exude hot air
and dictate such

anyone detect smoke