Friday, February 22, 2008


it's still slick as can be outside
i think this is going to be the winter the ice never went away.
at least that horrible -0 wind chill was gone for a day.
26 to be exact with wind chill at 19
so brisk, very brisk

max and i went walking
slipping away on the polished yet uneven terrain
he being dog that he is everything is sniff and pee
and yelps of glee.
old lady that I am it's all about staying upright
with yelps on near falls.

we ran into two kids of interest on this particular outing. the first a boy around 7 crossing in front of us and asking to pet max. fine, max smiles and forces tales from the boy who goes on to tell us that he had some dogs in texas but 2 of them were old and couldn't see so his grandpa shot them. oh, i said his grandpa must of loved them.
yes, the boy replied and as we were leaving shouted out after us they were max and buddy. and there's another dog paris and he's still around. i hope you get back to texas to see him i shouted
i think he would have talked longer
but the ice was getting no less slick
so onward

a few houses down we ran into a mother herding her daughter up the steps to the house but they turned and commented on what a lovely dog max was. why, thank you.
the little girl flatly stated that she couldn't have a dog
but she was getting a cat.
what are you going to name it.
of course I beamed
and told her that was the name of this fellow with me.
she thought that great fun and continued to rally words from the porch to me as we trudged on.

thrice max
oh steadfast friend of mine
the kitty to be
the ghost of texas

i hate guns but when my friend reaches the end of his days, i wish i had a gun to put him down instead of dragging him to the vet and letting him smell that place of fear. i wish i loved my max as much as that texas grandpa loved his.