Tuesday, February 26, 2008


ralph listen
i've been a devote fan of yours
for a long, long time
i even voted for you in 2000
(thank goodness i'm not a florida resident
or that would be a real guilt trip)
but i think your time is past.

you, have become a liability
to the democratic party.
truth be told, i bet you'll pick up
more than 3% of the popular vote in this election
cause i'm certain that there are idiots out there
who rather than voting for a woman or a black man
would cast their vote for an egocentric independent white dude.
(or maybe i am wrong and these folks just won't vote)

yes, i believe in a multi party system
and lately it's been pretty lame.
you have every right to run
but it's time to pass the baton.
can't you endorse some energetic upstart?
why oh why isn't bono american born.

now there would be an independent contender
with a strong chance of being elected

ralph, please give it up
i just don't want to find out when it's over
that unbeknownst to you
the republicans financed your campaign