Saturday, March 1, 2008

the big give

our local tv station has been selected to be part of oprah's big give
you just have to write and tell them what you'd do with $1,000.

ok prittle prattle coins
running through my fingers
where is your energy
about to materialize
got it

i would invest the money in that which i love most
tomato cages
but not just any tomato cage
the ultimate tomato cage.

you start with concrete reinforcement fencing
a nice big roll of it
and you snip it into about 7 sections 5'x6'.
i think
(it's been awhile since i've made any new ones
so i'll have to check on the dimensions)
then you roll it into a circle
and pull it together with cable ties.

then you take 6 coat hangers
and with a couple snips
turn them into cage anchors.

i think for $1,000.
i could create 140 cages
and buy cable ties
and 280 tomato plants to grow within them.

now the difficult but most important part
would be finding 70 people who aren't already gardeners
but have a sunny 3 x 5 spot in their yard.

i'd present each of them with two cages
and 4 tomato plants: a couple standby varieties
an heirloom and a cherry
for pop one in the mouth
while standing out on a hot day instant gratification.

i love my tomato cages
they support the vines very well
and the holes in the fencing are large enough
to reach through and grab the fruit.
not to mention aging well...
mine will be going on their 18th summer
this next growing season.

just maybe this particular $1,000.
will produce a few gardening enthusiasts
who 18 years from now
will still be plucking tomatoes
from that which i love most.