Sunday, March 9, 2008

boetje's mustard

as a kid (we're talking six or less here)
i would often raid my dad's lunch box
of uneaten sandwiches
those were the days he ate out
i benefited by getting the bologna
sandwich slathered with mustard
all to myself
that i didn't have room for supper
oh well

there would be other times
i'd make myself a cheese sandwich
or stab a piece of bologna with a fork
and roast it over the gas burner
until the edges curled and turned black
both the cheese and the bologna
were spread with make your mouth
burn and pucker boetje's mustard

there's always been a jar of this condiment
in the house
and when my sister moved to sonora, california
boetje's went with her
and is shipped periodically

so the history of product loyalty
is pretty much established in our family
and it just made me so happy to see
that they recently won gold
at the napa valley mustard festival

out of more than 400 entries
from 7 different countries
and 19 categories they rose
to the top in the field of course-ground
beating out the much advertised
grey poupon

and it is created and manufactured
right here in the quad cities
we have an international winner
in our midst
i'm glowing with pride

i've given up eating bologna
but never boetje's
i hope they never grow so big
that the recipe is altered or the product
becomes unavailable to us locals

i always knew i couldn't live without you
i'm sure now others will come to draw that same conclusion