Friday, March 21, 2008

Dorothy Dixon

i'm sure you've heard the story of
Dorothy Dixon of Alton Illinois
a developmentally disabled individual
who somehow became a resident
in the home of someone
who never should have been responsible
for other people

i know there are those out there
that to get approval
from one individual
will rigorously submit others
to indecencies that are not even worth repeating
however atrocious
i believe those teenagers were looking
for approval from Michelle

you wonder what level of abuse
they had taken from the drill sergeant
before the focus was turned
from them to another

that no one spoke up for Dorothy
there was most likely a lot of fear
and shame
I think at times shame
becomes the greater silencer
how do you begin to leak
what's going on at home
and then return to home
to face the consequences

yes, these people were barbaric
but so is our governments system
of setting the mentally limited
out into the world to fend for themselves
with funds that make them an easy target for thieves

i can't say that our past
institutional systems were the answer
but at least they provided
a safe haven of sorts
that was regulated
or you hoped anyway

Son of Dorothy
i'm sorry that your mother
left the world under these circumstances

may you encounter a kinder place