Saturday, March 29, 2008

Lights Out

Well, we did it.
Thanks to kiddo paying attention, we learned of the turn the house off event.
Seemed weird to have a house that was entirely dark.
The pups sure weren't accustomed to it. We were horsing around and at one point I had a cold wet nose in my ear, which I was tickled over and laughed aloud. Big mistake....I instantly found a wet nose and tongue in my mouth..plah-whoey, plah-whoey. They both got me. Aren't puppies wonderful.
My daughter stated half way through the hour without, that it was the longest hour of her life. She is really tied to the computer and her network of friends; not to mention the darkness kind of puts a damper on things, when you're accustomed to functioning after the sun goes down.
So our town didn't participate but Rock Island did. They seem to have their act a bit more together. Needless to say we are not a cohesive batch of cities.
You know I wonder how many babies were spawned during this one hour of energy out?
How many Christmas babies will we see this year?
I'll put money down that we'll see a substantial increase from the norm.