Friday, March 14, 2008

love that

a couple months ago
i picked up adobe
and with it they gave me a couple freebies
to choose from

the one that interested me most
was a free spell with
i'd never heard of it before
but while browsing their
index of possible online tutorials
i was like wow
i could learn something here

so i signed on
and a month and a half passed
i just never got around to going back
but the monthly fee showed up on the visa

then came the morning i lost another
batch of data on an excel sheet
i had been working on for a considerable
amount of time

so i turned to lynda
to curb me from messing up again
she can't take the ditz away
she can't force me to think
when they ask
do you really want to delete
and i continue to press buttons
and not the right ones

but i really feel empowered
with just a couple sessions
in excel

i now have a session
on windowsxp going
i know, so elementary
but you'd be amazed at the tricks
goofus garo green, the instructor
comes up with

it is fun to listen to and watch
and for $25. a month
you can sit at home and access whenever
beats buying a how to manual that gets outdated
or classes you have to jump in the auto and drive to

and guess what?
they have a course on
google-blogger essential training

meet ya in class