Thursday, March 27, 2008

Nuclear Missile Fuses shipped but we confront China

Well, it seems the President has ruled out boycotting the 2008 Olympics, which is good for all who have been training. The Olympics should be above politics. The Olympics should be played only in nice countries that don't bully the rest of the world around. How about Canada and Norway and maybe some Caribbean Island that just believes in bringing tourists in.
But President Bush did take it upon himself to call Hu and spoke "very clearly and frankly" about the violence in Tibet. Yes, China should show less restraint......just show? less restraint or actually give up restraint of a people who don't need Chinese rule. And President Bush why don't we give up our hold on Puerto Rico while we're exchanging political strongholds.
Anyway, while in the middle of chastising Hu, Bush was called on an American oversight. It seems there was a shipment of nuclear missile fuses that were sent to Taiwan; the bad part of it is we didn't discover this shipping error for 18 months.
cough cough
Shipping error or only such once we were caught on it? But hey, don't they use nuclear missile fuses for explosive celebrations. (seems the kids in my neighborhood do) And Taiwan does seem to have a lot of firework displays for one holiday or another.
I don't know, seems it's a world of one bad guy calling another bad dude badder.
Oh, what's that I hear.
I think I just caught the final words of their conversation
But your mother wears army boots. So there.