Sunday, March 30, 2008

Pulling back the dead

I ventured out to the garden today
for a rather lengthy spell
it seems I rather overdid the laying out of leaves last fall
I had to take about six inches off the daffodils
that were trying to emerge
pale yellow stalks but I think they'll still green up
at least I got them uncovered

also cut back the hibiscus stalks
left to overwinter
they just add a bit to the winter landscape
something for the birds to rest upon

The indigo got cut to the earth
nothing coming up there as yet
the white verbena is already sprouting
and we had two miniature iris blooming away
only 2 inches tall 1 purple and 1 yellow
and no I'm not confused with crocus
there is a stash of them all golden blooming elsewhere

The lemon balm was already green and healthy
after I eliminated the dead brush of last year
I cut the sage back
only because I want a smaller plant
The chives are coming along nicely
and the tarragon has a bit of green at the base.
still a little early for the fennel
but bergamonts are filling in nicely
Will need to dig up and give away plenty of it

I think I could have planted peas today
but I got too busy
digging away the old and looking
for the bits of green
Ran across a couple praying mantis sacs that will
eventually put forth a few zillion of those creatures
I love running into them in the garden when they are large
you can almost feel them watching you
However, I am saddened when they grab butterflies

My daughter just yelled for me
I ran to the downstairs door
and was greeted by the sound of a pair of catbirds
they came back
our little hand fed moochers
who delight on Kraft Singles and the innards of peanut butter sandwich cookies
(it's hard for me to even admit the household keeps such items but....)
We once had a catbird that would actually say cheese cheese
as a request for the artificial substance.

They'll join me when I get around to digging up the garden
They like the grubs and red squiggly centipede type things
that inadvertently get moved to the surface
I'm so glad they made it back

For the moment all is right with the world