Sunday, March 23, 2008

seeds of compassion

china is not making things easy
for the people of tibet lately
you just really wonder what is going on behind closed doors
we just know the troops are in and the media is out
we hear virtually nothing

china is behaving too much like us
they have an image to maintain
they have profit to gain
from the upcoming olympics
i hear they already displaced
many people and businesses to create
the gilded showcase of buildings
sounds a lot like our governments
eminent domain...i know of many here
who have been moved on
so that progress could be made
or profits mind you

so the dalai lama is here
in seattle april 11-14
for the seeds of compassion conference

they will tackle
a great task
just how to create compassionate children

is there no hope for us
on solving the difficulties
we have created
(this just slipped in and i'm not sure where i was going with it)

children future
compassionate children
children who if confronted with
a dorothy dixon situation
would behave differently

thank you for taking some time to visit us
your holiness the dalai lama

maybe tibet and iraq can be corrected
before this next compassionate group
the children
are ready to lead us with their wisdom
maybe while learning to teach them
we as adults can become more active
compassionate beings ourselves

hey, we're not dead yet