Monday, March 10, 2008

spring ahead

i live in illinois,
which is one of those states
that practice daylight savings time

we get to set our clocks ahead 1 hour each spring
it happened saturday night

and today after work i experienced it's benefits
a whole hour of extra daylight
in which to walk the dog
without tripping over stuff
in the half dark

granted my eating patterns
are totally off
i had trouble with lunch at noon
and supper hasn't even
occurred to me yet
but that's okay

to be rid of an hour
of winters gloomy hold
just stirs the spirit
to believe that spring
has got to be somewhere
around the corner
or the next corner
or next...
it's out there
i know it's out there

and what of the extra hour
of predawn darkness?
i'll just view that as winter's final grasp
while i continue to celebrate
our spring ahead