Tuesday, March 25, 2008

spring smile just spring

the red wing blackbirds are busy making a fuss
spring has arrived
while walking max
great batches of sparrows
flee the bushes as we pass
all twitter paitted
and all two easily a cats dinner

i think the daffodils are trying
to burst through mulch
little pointy things are reaching up
maybe tulips

there is so much planted about
i have trouble remembering
what is where

each will let me know in due time
we have to transplant
half the yard

new puppies and they need a place to run
now what to do with all those plants
we're talking 300 and that is
a low estimate

we'll create new beds
and try to tuck each in a new place
that is safe from pups

max you've always been so good
with the gardens
please try to pass
a little bit of the respect
for that which grows
on to the girls

i'm counting on you boy
but until it registers with them
they will be patio and turf queens