Wednesday, March 26, 2008

that government rebate

I wonder if we'll really see that government rebate that they're promising to households within a certain income. They spent 42 million to tell those of us that may be getting it, that we may be receiving a check in May. It was as vague as the newspapers. Those that paid taxes and didn't make over 100 and some thousand will be seeing $600. But the criteria to receive the other amount $300 still isn't clear to me.
And I bet it was lost on a lot of other people too.
So for 42 million we basically got a "give all the credit to George" letter in the mail.
Okay, let me be fair; maybe this expense did cut down on some of the calls of those wondering if they qualified. Now the agency will just get more calls with a "huh, how much did I actually qualify for?".
I think it would have been better if George would have just surprised us with a check in the mention before hand. No chance of false hopes.
I wonder how many people are already doing the economy a favor by spending this cash before they receive it. A few, I think the economy just made a staggering upswing.
You know I'm not spending an extra dime until I have the check cashed and in the bank. I just have a gut feeling that something will come up that will necessitate the funds being channeled somewhere else.