Saturday, March 8, 2008

thoughts of john prine

about this time last year my daughter surprised me with tickets to go see john prine at a local venue. my car ended up getting a flat tire at the last minute but that didn't stop us. off we went in a borrowed vehicle. i wasn't sure about the parking layout but we slipped back behind the adler and lo and behold there was an off street parking spot available almost in front of the back entrance.

we slipped right in and up to the ticket counter to get our reserved tickets. third row end seats. wow but not any third row these were three rows that were added in front of the regular seats.
i could stick my leg out and touch the stage. and i had a perfectly clear view of the performance.
and i felt john had a perfectly good view of me.
awestruck groupie that i am.
fluttering eyelashes, oh so faintly.

i know he enjoyed playing the rough rollicking pink cadillac tunes. the stage was so full of energy
but sitting in front of the got a bit noisy. ok so i'm not a young kid anymore and i was very close to the speaker.

but the songs from his earlier period coming from the aging maestro were to swoon over. and my daughter, among the younger in an audience of mainly old hipsters, sung along or at least bobbed in tune to the melodies of her childhood...yeah maybe that was me quietly mouthing the words to familiar tunes. dear abby, sam stone, illegal smile and the boisterous your flag decal won't get you into heaven anymore ...once again relevant but is anyone paying attention.

he even sang a couple from in spite of ourselves, which has been a favorite cd of mine since it's inception. he's good at telling a truth and making you wish you could linger in that moment awhile longer. and the concert provided a lasting moment that i still treasure to this day, almost a year later.

in my youth i lusted after the cutie pie john prine. now as an aging woman i find him just as attractive, but the lust is gone.

gone, but there's a rocker on the back porch
that i'd love to have filled with his being.
i think he would be an interesting character
to chat with on a long hot summer day.
he can even bring the wife.