Monday, March 3, 2008

tomato cages on hold

well, after viewing the big give
i have come to the conclusion
that my idea of a big give is totally off

it seems they are looking for ways
to exponentially increase the original funds
nope this endeavor is not meant for the likes of me

i realize the focus of the show is on the givers
get people to see how just a little
with effort can become
a bigger give
and i'm sure it gives those involved
a real rush
(comparable to shopping or gambling)

i'm not sure it's doing
all that much for the receivers
a bit of financial gain
with a stiff dose of public humiliation

i can't help but see possible
future repercussions
one not getting as much as another
feeling slighted
heaven only knows

i know for all intents
the big give
is meant as a good thing
i only hope it remains such