Friday, March 7, 2008

water rate hike

what's new
a necessary bill is going up
ah, there's inflation to blame
the usual gas prices
costs more to maintain lingo

so our water rates are going up
they argue because of
less water usage

yep, our population is getting older
fewer of those 6 member households
guzzling water by the tanker load

and appliances are now energy
and water saving efficient
so they are consuming less water

and because households are using less water
the city has deemed
that we should pay more for what little we do use

may i take this moment to strongly suggest
you keep that faucet running
take that thirty minute shower you shortened
to three quick splashes
go ahead
consume a goodly quantity of water
least you too become faced with paying much more for less

of course, i jest
we should be aware of the natural resources we use
but i don't think it's fair that it comes back to bite us
for not using

i honestly believe our community has lost industry
which had consumed lots of water
and our city fathers are simply trying to guilt trip the homeowner
into picking up the tab for the unsold gallons

or maybe they are just getting the department
up to par to handle
those 15,000 pigs a day
the new triumph processing plant
will be washing through
our system
in another year

it really is time to move