Thursday, March 20, 2008

the year of many full moons

six strangers at a convention
sharing breakfast
topics flew about and rearranged themselves
as coherent matter

at one point we talked of birthdays
and found that 3 of the 6
were born in '51
what were the odds.....this was not a reunion

and i remembered and related how
when i was in first grade
i hated the fact that
i was born in 1951
i longed to have been born in 1950
just such a much better number

when 2001 rolled around
i experienced my 50th birthday
and i was greeted by a heavy full moon
that hung low in the sky
as i made my way to work

a birthday gift
that would not have been possible
had i been born in '50

and so i smiled at those
around the table
did you notice
your full moon on your 50th
that would not have occurred
had you not been born in 51?

yes, a technical oversight
on my part but no one called me on it

the year of many full moons

a parcel of incoherent matter
left the diner times six