Tuesday, April 1, 2008

AT&T Bug

Well, April Fools to me from the great AT&T
My Outlook went down today
Have you ever tried to work from home
when your main line of communication is cut short.

I'm not real bright when it comes
to the technical aspects of keeping a program running
but I tried everything under the sun
and still no Outgoing Mail
All this backed up
and no where to go.

We poked around with our Wireless Connection
Did you know your connection can get ungrounded
and switch to your neighbors
and then your provider no longer recognizes you?
I had no idea
but in that little box I could see
4 of my neighbors wireless connections.
I moved mine around.
What to say

My daughter came to my aide
refilled out the boxes I had been filling all day.
And sent Test after Test
we were presented a prompt that once filled
and refilled
finally sent out an e-mail.
Oh, happy 1st.

I think there is an Outlook Express/AT&T bug
Hopefully, he is just a jokster
and will be coming around
no more