Friday, April 18, 2008

earthquake update

drat,indeed nothing paranormal
it was an earthquake
5.4 and 325 miles from here
around Bellmont IL

this is a quake
of the greatest magnitude
since 1968
which was also 5.4
and caused considerable damage

i hope everyone just experienced
the surreal reality
of things moving about
and no one was hurt

in the 80's a 3.2 hit
when i was living
100 miles south of here
i was in the doorway
of the back porch
and felt the weirdest sensation
a ripple feel
almost a time warp effect

i guess i should turn on the news
and see what really happened
i want them safe

but you know
with all our war cries
and bullying the world
it's good to see nature
could rear her ugly head
and put us in our place