Friday, April 18, 2008


wow, sitting at my puter
and all of a sudden
the screen starts jiggling
towards me

makes it rather hard
to concentrate
on your writing
when the darn monitor
won't hold still

weird noises
caught my attention
okay it's the old metal bed frame
tapping against the woodwork
rocking away like
two young lovers
about to meet climax

and my 30's cracker jack charms
hanging from an old celluloid mushroom
were dangling and jingling about
and making a real fuss
i care a lot about them
my fear was they
were about to self destruct

other things moved and groaned
but by then this old lady
was throwing on her pants
and flying down the steps

we just had an earthquake
i blurted out to my daughter
who was trying to get her husband
to believe that she
had just experienced such
to her the book case
rocked from the wall
catching the light
from an overhead source
and appearing to walk towards her.

the animals too were wide eyed
with what the heck

a moments disruption
and already
i'm back to a normal reality
i will try to grab the inner intensity
of that 4:40 am moment
and carry it through
at least this day

i wonder how hard
it will be to get homeowners
earthquake insurance now?