Friday, April 25, 2008


i've always been a socialist at heart
i believe that if people give
what they can to society
and this is everything
from doctor to tree trimmer
imprisoned being to celebrity
society should in turn
take care of them

instead we owe our souls
to the corporate world
of insurance companies

i'm about to have
health insurance once again
and by the way
i do fit into the realm
of the aging population

oh lucky me
now if i'm squished by a bus
while crossing the street
i'll get decent medical care
or so i'm assuming
without insurance
i would have gotten to sit
in an emergency room
until my stats were such
that i could be convinced
that home is where i need to go
(i'm not saying they wouldn't
address the obligatory wounds..
just no extras)

this insurance is not coming
without a cost
my standard of living
just got reduced
i'll be seeing 31% less
of my yearly take home pay
if i ever want to see 1 dime
of the insurance company's money

this is real
this is life in america
no wonder our canadian neighbors
don't envy us