Thursday, April 17, 2008

just tired

haven't written for a couple days
the mind is a tired blank by end of day
work, run the dog then play a spell
with the new bed
busting clods of sod
trying to prepare it
for a season of plants

or clip away
at last years old growth
checking out new life
at the base

the daffodils
are blooming away
little tutus
and larger ones
that have lost
their recorded names
with the onslaught of years
the pink and peach ones
have disappeared....
too cold or too tasty
could the squirrels
have run off with them?

our catbird has decided
to nest elsewhere
but the chickadees chatter
while i'm putzing
about the garden.

it's just good
to have made it through
another winter
and have a spring to embrace