Friday, April 4, 2008

mad madam mim

I know she's a character out of literature
that I embraced eons ago
and now I can't really remember
where she originated
Yeah, ok I could do a google search
and set myself straight
but for the moment
she is a mystery

anyway, this morning i got up
and decided
to go into
my mad madam mim mode
so after the regular morning rituals
i pulled on my black silky danskins (never before worn)
i threw on my oversized LLBean hot pink swimsuit cover
and shimmied to the closet
to dig out my pink flamingo van's canvass slip ons
whalla and with a dash of way to fragrant
coco's madamoiselle
i am ready to face this day

with a quirky
i'm getting past you kinda smile
i'm really a dedicated blue jeans and t-shirt
kinda gal

so while john prine
will sing away during
most of my working day.....

i think i'll invite frank zappa
in to play a few morning tunes
to amuse and channel
the mystical mad madam mim

hey, if nothing else
should i croak today
the paramedics will have fun
speaking of one colorful old bird