Sunday, April 13, 2008


today my favorite
nippleless bird
tackled the many cure alls
flung at us by the black box
a drug for every condition
and another drug
to cure the conditions
caused by the former cure

i long for the days
of cigarette ads
and liquor commercials
oh, to again glimpse
the marlboro man
without the precursory mile long list
of possible side effects
trailing him into the sunset

and the booze ads
they were sensual
they were fun

the baby boomers
have grabbed the advertisers dollars
for far too long**

please promote
more products
for a younger generation

**please make note:
i only watch standard antenna tv
i've heard there
are substantially
more interesting commercials
on other channels

i still wish they'd prohibit
the drug market
from advertising

let doctors decide
which meds you need