Monday, April 7, 2008

Ouch The Big Give

i'm not filling you in if you didn't see it.
i just had a couple problems with the show.

Rachael's singing
upstaging opportunist or
gracious lend a voice
either i don't care

what bothered me was the pianist that was hired
to accompany Natalie
why would someone else touch the piano
while she was there
while it was her day
Couldn't she have played along?

and then Stephen
you should have watched the Ellen Show that was on a spell ago
a guy said
when it comes to being right or kind
be kind

they are keeping track of who's doing what
you didn't need to hold whatever against Rachael
they could see things weren't getting done because...
it's your job to continue with the program
and get things done behind the scenes
as efficiently and graciously as possible
move those baubles when she was hanging on a bit too long
clean the hallway kitchen mess

i don't know
i wouldn't want to live on camera
so much easier to edit behavior than perform live
just cues for the future

did i just fail be kind