Saturday, April 19, 2008


Well, it seems that the researchers at Mayo are all excited to have discovered that Progressive Inflammatory Neuropathy(PIN)is the ailment that's affecting a batch of pork-plant workers in Southern Minnesota. It appears they caught it by close association with pig brain tissue.

Seems God, to some, steered them away from pigs by mentioning the hooves. I wonder how far he would have gotten, if he had suggested that they may be prone to Progressive Inflammatory Neuropathy if they didn't heed his words. Yeah, go ahead and eat the pig but steer clear of the protein elements of the brain. And by all means, bring in immigrants to deal with the grisly processing of large volumes of such creatures so they only may chance to become ill. Nooooo. What is wrong with us. Why should anyone have to put themselves in the position of possible debilitating illness? A few bucks? A livelihood? Too many killed at one time to keep track of what's happening...bottom line.

We're about to get (I think they've already done the ground breaking) a pork processing plant of such magnitude. Why I think we'll have the glorious honor of being home to the largest pork producing plant in the world....Big Whoop.

15,000 hogs will be processed a day....and actually I believe they've upped it to a possible 18,000 processed pigs. 18,000 frightened piggies will be passing through town each day headed towards Triumph Foods Processing Plant. It's a one way trip, but what of all the waste, the blood, gore and guts that get washed in some form into the Mississippi and slip and slide on downstream. Hey, we're still drinking that water. Can you assure us that each days 18,000 processed brains will keep their protein intact. Can you assure us that we won't be slurping contaminates that may trigger Progressive Inflammatory Neuropathy in the larger population?

OK, I am chanting for mass hysteria. No,I don't believe this particular ailment could continue to be spread in this manner. I just don't want animals killed on a regular basis in my back yard. I don't want the karma of death (well, maybe it'll kinda blend with that of arsenal island, come to think of it) laying heavy over our area. I simply don't want our waterway, our source of drinking water polluted from yet another source.

Maybe I should check on the symptoms of PIN, maybe it's one of those ailments that produce a chronic sense of well being.

Why do I find myself smiling, opening my arms wide and welcoming Triumph Foods to our little corner of the world. Why this little piggy went to market and.....tee hee