Saturday, May 24, 2008

davenport farmer's market

My sister and I are about to head out to the Iowa farmer's market. It'll be the first time this season but sad to say we'll only be experiencing half of what we usually got on a Saturday morning visit.
Thank you very much factions that just can't seem to get along.
There were always two separate markets situated along the Mississippi River in downtown Davenport. One had stricter rules than the other about the origin of food grown and sold, which was good because I enjoyed giving most of my support to the local vendors.
But I also enjoyed the longer linger that strolling through the other market encouraged.
Coming from Illinois, I also was fond of the fact that we just had to hightail over the bridge and drop down for the event. Now thanks to people not being able to negotiate only the lesser side remains at the river and the good people have moved up to the mall. ICKO
So we'll blow a bunch of gas and head to the mall where I expect to see a measly crowd and only half the amount of vendors to choose from. On the way home, maybe we'll stop downtown and see how that event is fairing. But Argh at this point I am so disenchanted that I'm just liable to stop tripping to Iowa altogether. We have a dinky market here in Moline. Maybe it's just high time I started frequenting it more often.
Truth is I keep a garden and don't buy a ton of stuff. I go more for the ambiance, a stroll through a group of people focusing on growing, providing, marketing, bantering,lingering and oh yes, buying arm loads of items no Wally World could provide.
I still want to knock heads and scream. Why did you have to mess up one of the best things our community had going for it. Sorry, but no; a mall parking lot doesn't begin to cut it.