Wednesday, May 28, 2008

don't forget that

yeesh, keep writing like the last post
and i'll be driving even my number 1 viewer (me) away

i think sometimes all the bad that is going on
just really starts to slow
you down

you wonder
who are you to escape the brunt of blows

iowa got hit by tornadoes
china by earthquakes
the olympic mess
the fortitude of the tibetans
so many forces out there

is it that we suffer from
information overload

i feel joy
i love our gardens
and the continual song of the birds
and the perpetual blossoming of flowers
each a delight upon discovery
i live in a fairyland

maybe the hawk is getting to me
a symbol of the greater picture
all is not right in the world
i wish i could do more to correct it

perhaps i should cry out
with a louder voice
to amend the worlds wrongs

perhaps, but for today
i will remove a few weeds
from the center bed
clear the path
to the buddha

and smile
smile with gratitude
when the catbird sings