Friday, May 30, 2008

Marbles lost

this place belonged to my great grandparents
the grape arbors are long gone
but the hydrangea tree in the front yard still blooms
i have a picture of him sitting beneath it
taken sometime in the 30's
i'm guessing the tree is 90 years old
give or take a decade
it's pretty feeble
but hey

i find marbles here now and then
the red or tan clay ones
ones that i once naively thought
my grandmother and her siblings
had played with and lost as kids

they are special
i keep them close when i travel
it's like having the dead near me
guardian angels of sorts
someone to talk to
(oh i digress but that reminds me
i once had a dead friend i talked to each morning
for a year.... and then he called me.....all that not dead.
not sure what to make of all the morning chatter
he had given me for a year...)

yep, marbles to keep close
and dead relatives to converse with
sounds ok
but i've recently come to the conclusion
that those little marbles were quite possibly
used in conjunction with a slingshot
by great grandpa
to keep the birds/critters out of the grapes

not so great after all
but what to say