Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Opus/Mother's Day

Any of you catch Opus this past Sunday?
he was seasonally great as usual
Not sure BB's mom was particularly horrible
but he is definitely aware there are very damaging moms out there.

Why not turn Mother's Day from
the gift giving commercial buyathon
into a "forgive me for my transgressions"
kinda day.

We mother's are far from perfect
and our offspring bare the brunt
of that imperfection.
(although mine turned out very well,
thank you very much)

While Opus had to rent a Bad Mom
to hear the words he longed for,
maybe we could set the day aside
to say "I could have done better
and these things may have had a strong
bearing on your being, but kiddo
you're doing pretty good in spite of me."

Yeah, an "I love you, Mom" after that line
beats flowers any day.