Sunday, May 25, 2008

Red-Tailed Hawk

years ago my daughter saved a hawk
a red-tailed that the crows had been picking on
for many hours
he was grounded
she spoke to him
wrapped him in a towel
and corner wedged him
into a large cat carrier

the emergency pet care center
once took care of birds
so there they went
a room full of vets, staff, my daughter and her husband
the lid was lifted from the carrier
and a great bird rose up hissing
with his wings extended
and all in the room stepped back
except my daughter and her husband

end of tale he was young and dehydrated
they put him in an oxygen tent
a bit of rehab later and he/she was released

which brings us to now

we feed the birds and squirrels
and have plenty of each
and so we've become the feeding territory
for a pair of hawks

it's hard to exist in a cinderella fairy tale
when the critters are being whisked away
before your very eyes

swoop there goes another squirrel
swoop a pigeon takes the hit
swoop squirrel gone

the red wing black birds
had had enough of this
homicidal behavior
today they took off after the invader
plucking feathers
running him off
until he pulled a side swoop
and grabbed one of them

tonight our once nesting red wing blackbirds
are missing the mate
i can only wonder if the baby red wings
will survive

i know
out there is a baby hawk
growing stronger

i know
in nature
there is balance

knowing doesn't stop the balance from hurting