Thursday, June 26, 2008

car rental insurance

you stand at the counter
and feel compelled
to play it safe
make sure
you're covered

don't put yourself
in that position

if you don't have collision coverage
on your car
and you travel
by rental frequently
get yourself collision insurance
and you'll save tons of funds
at the rental joint

really call an agent today
i did

i'm about to buy a real car
and i'm kinda sick
i'm perfectly happy with my clunker
but i need something
more dependable for work
i love my job
but i hate playing the game
the toys you gotta have
in order to function
just give me a garden and some critters
and let me be

i could still rent and keep my clunker
or i can buy shiny new
and make payments
long after the glow is gone

i'm kinda sick