Wednesday, June 18, 2008

carbs and sugar oh my

i wandered off to the store
to pick up a few simple things
one being two packages
of el cheapo peanut butter sandwich cookies
for the critters

got there and they only had one package
one package wasn't going to last til saturday
i wasn't making an additional friday trip

they won't eat the vanilla filled ones
and chocolate is an absolute no no
soooooo darn i stood in the aisle
and viewed my options
other stuff looked good
but would the nuthatch, catbird and squirrels approve

i ended up picking up their usual fair
and then opted for nutter butters by nabisco
maybe these would fill the void

i came home to a "what took you so long"
and i commenced telling the whole story
she didn't interrupt
just let me drag it on

then quipped up with
"look what i found that slipped behind the fridge"
carbs and sugar, oh my
a whole unopened package
of el cheapo peanut butter sandwich cookies

later outback
she stuffed another bit of cookie filling
in the tree knothole
the family of five nuthatches
came creeping down the tree
carbs and sugar approved