Saturday, June 14, 2008

double rainbow

felt the sun on my back
as i stood at the sink
washing the supper dishes

it had been raining
yes, again or still almost
but there beating on my back
was the setting sun

i went outside on a mission
seeking the elusive rainbow
nope, wasn't there
wandered out front
to look down the avenue
and over the interstate
nope, not there

oh dear what's those
knee high strands of grass
doing in the side garden
oh and a few more over there

i gathered my handful
of grasses
while the rain gathered intensity

finally i had to go in

as i came around the house
there in the sky
was my rainbow
with another full one above it

a double decker rainbow
kinda day
life is good

well try telling that to the truckers
who have to travel 110 miles
out of their way
because interstate 80 is closed

yep a lotta water
but a double decker rainbow

maybe one of them
caught a glimpse of the rainbows
perhaps it made
the detour worthwhile