Wednesday, June 4, 2008

google analytics withdrawal

she'd been up half the night
but said she'd take care
of the missing analytics link

and she messed with
color and layout
had to get those inverted crosses
off my daily page

but when it came time
to put in the analytic code
it just wouldn't take
she kept getting error messeges

was blogger intentionally blocking blogs
from the infinite search engine in the sky
my heart sank
my gut tightened
my mood went into
road kill on the highway of life mode
would i have to live with this for the rest of my days

to write and never be seen
like my journals of long ago
tucked in a closet
words written and known only to me

oh dear
i felt instant withdrawal
the power of being searched and seen
had become my latest high
i was no less the addict
i had just traded stimulants

and now google was taking that from me

but, no my daughter is a smart cookie
she searched and found someone
who had the solution to the error message
a simple /


and my connection with analytics
was restored
and i can continue to feel my morning rush

i'm glowing already