Tuesday, June 3, 2008

google search

i awake each morn
and hit the puter right away
eager to assess my latest google analytics
hmm a few more visitors
more from china than the states
but they don't stay
could be the language barrier

and i delight in finding out
from google web tools
just which words are most searchable
AT&T Bug, Mad Madam Mim
pleasantly demented and
red tailed hawk to name a few
of my latest and greatest

and to you who eagerly await
my next typewritten tribulation
thank you for stopping by
your numbers are less than staggering
i range from 2 (well actually 0) to 14 visits a day
consider yourself part and parcel
of a very exclusive group
oh, yeah

anyway, that brings us to the new look
i loved the old parchment design
my daughter says in order for things
to get grabbed right by google
i need to position the lists on the right
and that wasn't an option on the old template
so here i am anew

but darn she didn't have the time
to link my analytics to this new page
even though 543 of you stopped by
this evening
i'll never have the statistical proof
but i'll always know it happened
my numbers are up
way up

and i won't have to run
to the puter in the morn
to feel the warm glow
of the increased stats