Monday, June 2, 2008

honey bees are gone

they really are gone
the clover is blooming
not to mention
three million other blossoms
and the honey bees just aren't here

i've done a lot of reading
on hive collapse syndrome

i just can't believe they don't muster up
from out of somewhere and return

what did we do to drive them away
or cause their terminal plight

my money is on all the frequency signals
causing them confusion
some dispel that notion
are we willing to give up cell phones
wireless connections to name a few
to have the pollinators back

civilizations have cracked
on less

i don't know how enough food
can be produced
when they're not around
to do the grunt work

get your artists brushes out folks
this is not a pretty picture

if you want to eat
go out and tickle the blossom
of your favorite vege