Thursday, June 19, 2008

mad madam mim ain't what she use to be

I went to the library to check out T. H. White's The Once and Future King. I had to relive just who Mad Madam Mim was and why at an early age I clung to her as a personification of myself. Well,
the book was not in so I'll have to wait.
I have viewed the little u tube Disney version of Mad Madam but no I don't buy that that is her that White created at all. She's too cute.....she ain't the original.
Just the ability to be anyone/anything anytime. A random roving schizophrenic without the harsh labels.
There's so much I don't remember. I just need to get my hands on the book.

Madam Mim you're not forgotten, just put on temporary hold while I acquire some facts.

Don't go away now.