Monday, June 9, 2008

park benches continued

simply a light up the sky
with thunderbolts
while the trees
shimmy and shake
kinda evening

enjoyed the show from my bedroom window

but back to the benches
one sit and i knew i had to drag
some of the baby coreopsis plants
from the center bed
to the vege patch
because that is where a couple
goldfinches were perched
looking about for something to eat

i know it would be a stupid move
they self seed like crazy
and it will mean more weed pulling later
but the birds enjoy the seed so much
and they've outgrown their space
in the flower bed

oh wait a minute
maybe they were eyeballing
the tithonia
it's still small but has one blossom
not hardly seed worthy
but the goldfinches do like it later in the year
maybe i shouldn't be so eager
to bring in the prolific seeder yeller feller
heck, i'll still bring a patch of it over

seems when i'm outside
it's mostly moving about
weeding pruning more pruning
my daughter claims i'm dangerous
with those pruners in my grasp
nothing is safe
from my clip

i love a natural garden
with a flow that seems to come
on it's own
but i can't handle one overzealous plant
crowding a slower grower out
hence the pruners

you can maintain a very crowded garden
if you rule with a metal fist
(note: i do not like these two lines ... i don't rule, i simply maintain, i am the servant of the garden, never the ruler ... but i refuse to delete those two lines ... maybe somewhere within, i do feel this is my kingdom ... don't even want to go there)

now back to those benches

it'll be good to sit back on occasion
from one of many vantage points
and view the fairyland
and marvel at it's beauty
and inhabitants

but wait the naked lady foliage
is falling upon the fern
which is intermingled
with about to seed creeping phlox

pruners still in hand
i leap
from but one of four
freshly from the box
park benches