Saturday, June 21, 2008

stimulus check unstimulated

The kids got a note from the government saying they should be receiving their long awaited stimulus check by June 20. The letter even mentioned the exact amount they would be getting.
Then there was an extra line......a line that stated "if you do not receive it within six weeks of this notice, please contact us at the number shown above." Huh?
Needless to say the check has not arrived. Is this their way of saying they need a six week extension on the payout of the stimulus checks? Why not write "your payment has been delayed for an additional six weeks, please accept our most sincere apology and yes, we'll pick up the interest on that flat screen
tv you bought in February.......thinking the check was in the mail any day. (no, an additional television was not bought in this household but I think it's the number one item that the checks went for...the year the government financed a super viewing of the super bowl.)
So now what are folks to do: wait as instructed and hope the neighbors didn't run off with it, use that phone number right away and find out it simply keeps you on hold and uses up your minutes or wait with faith that the treasury department will still have funds to pass along when they finally get around to filling your check.
Really there is no choice in the matter. But why all these senseless mailings. Why didn't they keep it a secret and just pass the money out. Here it is, this is how much, go enjoy. They could have saved a ton of money on all those mailings and perhaps passed out even more.
Well, the kids are impatiently patiently waiting. I haven't even gotten a letter saying when to expect mine......just an earlier note saying yes I've got it coming.
Yeah, I've got it coming.
Hope you've spent yours on something you'll treasure.