Saturday, June 7, 2008

stimulus check

i wonder what percentage of the population
that got the little note in the mail
saying yes you are entitled
has yet to see their stimulus check?

and why when they sent out
that multi million dollar note
didn't they include
a "you can expect by"
date with it
(well, actually, i realize it would have more than doubled the cost of the note but hey.....)

i'm getting leery
masses of money left the treasury
it's inevitable
that a certain percentage gets mischanneled

and it will take eons before anyone
knows something is amiss

i'm not saying mine
but neighbors walk off with mail
how would you know your check
has gone astray
if you don't even know
the time frame to expect it

an even bigger scenario
would be if someone
rerouted a whole shipment
of the pig flying bills

how long would it take
before anyone would be the wiser
and when could claims be made
by those who never received
their extra spending power

i can see the lawyers
swooping in already
to remedy the woes
of the jilted unstimulated masses

oh, crap
there's another major exodus
of flying piggy moo la
from the treasury department