Sunday, June 29, 2008

sunday morning

a walk
my daughter
2 beagles and max

cool front moving in
wind whipping down the avenue
the scent of squirrel and bunny
reason enough to stop
or get tugged a few feet
off the desired path

i don't know that we'll ever
be walking them
do people walk beagles?
does uno go for walks?

up the avenue and down the street
over to the road that runs
along the highway

the black gnats are horrible
ran into a cloud of them
in your hair
in your mouth
and the darn things stay with you
felt like a ground hog
with flies attached to his back
us caught in a real life horror picture
arms flapping running from something
that doesn't leave

a lone fellow
said we were
a happy bunch
our spokesperson bailey
who wiggles her butt and smiles
upon seeing anyone
she knows they have come
to see her and she is ever ready
to greet them
tongue kisses and all

ahh, home is in sight
the girls are ready
to head up the drive
max is taking the opportunity
to mark one more bush

we've made our imprint
on the morning
ghost figures
inhaling dawn