Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wild Rose Casino Opening Delayed

The Wild Rose Casino in Clinton may have a delayed opening because of the flooding. It seems they can't get their old slots off the boat until it's been shipped downstream. And currently downstream is a pretty wet option. Hence the delay. I question: why not take them off where the boat is currently docked and truck them to where the need to be? A costly alternative perhaps, but with casinos every day not operating is a pretty big financial loss. (sorry, guess this isn't an option.)

And who will come? Oh, I'm sure many. But what of the many who have lost so much with the flooding. Will those among them who gamble continue to make the trek to the slots, with fistfuls of bills in hand. I'm sure they will. What better way to get some extra cash than to invest what you have in the one armed bandit. Hey, twofold that stimulus check in hours. And it's a great way to numb yourself from the burden of disaster. When the parties over and the losses are counted.....oh, well next time will be better. Look at the fellow next to you that just hit the $700. (not to mention he had an $830. investment but....he's the current winner) The beauty and the draw of the slots....anyone can be a winner, at any moment.

I could talk slots all day. Someday I'll post my 10 tips for winning. Today I want each and everyone who's headed for the casinos with that chunk of money in hand to pause a moment. Yes, today could be the day you win big with it. But before you take it into the realm of pulsing lights, bleeping horns and hypnotic whirls could you just deduct 10%. Just 10% of what you're willing to put on the table and lose today and give it away. Find a charity or a flood victim (wouldn't be difficult.....just walk to the waters edge) and hand over that 10%.

I know I'm asking a lot of you. That 10% could make you a winner of that million dollar jackpot.
I won't say it couldn't, but I promise that 10% investment you made upfront will most certainly make you a winner in the eyes of someone trying to put their life back together.

Wouldn't it be nice if for once as you're walking off empty handed that at least someone benefited from your losses. For once this wasn't an "even when I win, I lose kinda day". Smile you just won.