Wednesday, July 16, 2008


she's standing at the bathroom window
lace curtain pulled back
smiling and waving
as we piled in the car
and left

it was/is the way
i'll always
remember grandma
at 334

i tried
to take a photo
of her clockwork
so long
but the picture didn't take

she's locked in my memory
waving and smiling
and 334 has become
my thoughts of her special number

quite often
i catch a glimpse of the clock
night or day
at that particular time
and feel her warmth

once, at a flea market
i found a ceramic
locker number 334
that i got so excited over
but i couldn't afford the $2.00
at the time

my sister bought it
and it sits on a sewing machine
at her place

i pass my hand softly over it
whenever i visit
gram is with me