Sunday, July 20, 2008

cucumbers and more cucs

Well, we must of gotten 4" or more of rain last night and the veges are popping. Picked tons of cucumbers today. Was hoping my sister would come by so I could unload some of them on her.
I called her twice but no response.
The zucs are also plumping up very nicely as are the yellow squash. I really don't plant many vegetables....oh, we do have 24 tomato plants up and about 6 that we couldn't find room for, which are still in small containers and leaning against the fence.....I've seen some pretty big tomatoes on them....we're still making new beds.
My son-in-law put in a really huge stamped concrete patio. It's beautiful. I think the print was called random stone, and it's colored kinda a sandstone and walnut. We'll get a lot of use out of it.
The kids picked up some patio furniture and Baylee thinks the lounge was bought specifically for her. Whenever I'm sitting there, she'll hop up to be with me but actually, I think she's trying to nudge me off.
Spent the weekend weeding and weeding some more. The daylilies are blooming profusely. Kira has 65 of them named and marked. Think there' still about 20 that remain mystery lilies. I have faith she'll figure out what is what before the end of summer. Now to record the hosta collection.
Most of them are marked but markers have a habit of departing. I want to help her put together an excel sheet with name and location yet this season. She has so much packed onto .4 of an
acre. I think the stuff could easily be spread out over 2 acres and still look fine. They want to move to a bigger place.....more yard less house. It'll be there for them someday.
In the meantime, we're enjoying the constant blooms, and oh, yes, the honey bees are back in masses. For that alone today, I am very grateful.